To ensure easy access, the tool should be free and available in different languages.

HOW TO: Web-based forward triage during the COVID 19 outbreak

Von Wolf Hautz und Thomas Sauter

Samstag, 21. März 2020 12:27

The Health systems during the COVID19 crisis not only have to care for really ill patients but also have to face the challenge of managing anxious and sometimes misinformed citizens.

Rapidly changing guidelines and recommendations together with challenged general practitioners and emergency departments in charge of triaging patients with often mild courses of the disease from critically ill patients may lead to excessive demands and uncertainty. One solution may be the implementation of a web-based forward triage tool to provide a practically useful source of information to both patients and physicians as we did at our hospital in Switzerland Corona-Test.

The technical challenges for building such a website are manageable. We would like to present a few tips and suggestions here and explain how we did it.

1. To ensure easy access, the tool should be free and available in different languages.


Typeform is a tool for data collection and survey creation. The company behind Typeform is located in Barcelona, Spain, EU. The costs vary between 30 Euro/month and 70 Euro/month depending on the desired scope of the survey. With this tool, assessments with logic jumps can be easily adapted to changing guidelines within minutes. The survey results can be exported in various formats to measure and optimize the impact of guidelines.

3. Google Analytics

Important: When using Google Analytics, this must be clearly and comprehensively transparent for the user and mentioned in the disclaimer.

Google Analytics provides a comprehensive view of the use of the survey. Herewith it can be seen in real time, for example, at which places there is a need for e.g. tests or information about COVID. With this, test and explanation resources can be planned and managed.

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